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Please Contact Personnel office 605-747-2381 for more information about Job Announcements.


Alcohol Drug Treatment Program
Until Filled

Tokala Coordinator
Counselor Case Manager
Tokala Mentor Specialist

Meth. Rehab 
Until Filled

Treatment Technician

Piya Mani Otipi Program
Until Filled

(8) Youth Care Workers
Dietary Cook
Youth Counselor

Please be advised applicants interested in applying for positions in the ALCOHOL-PMO-METH REHAB Program will be required to complete a SF-85P Background check form.

Ambulance Program
Until Filled

(2) Emergency Medical Technicians (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced)
Full-Time Dispatcher/Driver
Full-Time Paramedic
(4) Full Time EMT, or Intermediate, or Advanced
Part-Time Long Distance Driver (Re-Advertised)

Child Care
Until Filled

Cook Rosebud Daycare
Administrative Educator 

Education Department
Closes: 9-22-14

Middle School Para-Educator (Winner Middle School)

Human Resource Department
Until Filled


Head Start
Until Filled

Teacher Aide- Lame Deer Center- Winner

Federal Highways (FWHA)
Until Filled

(1) Director
(1) Inspector

Solid Waste
Until Filled

(2) Field Technician

Safety of Dams
Until Filled


Planning and Development
Until Filled

Legislative Aide

W.I.C. Program
Until Filled

Registered Nurse


Juvenile Detention Center (J.D.C)
Until Filled

Dentention Officer


RST Adult Corrections
Until Filled

(1) Adult Correction Officer

Program requires a SF-85P Background check form.

Law Enforcement Services
Until Filled

(2) Patrol Officer
(3) Criminal Investigator
Chief of Police

The Police Officer positions will require a SF-86 Background check form and SF-78 Physical form.