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By laws

Article I- Duties of Officers

Section 1. The President shall manage and administer the affairs of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, including the supervision of tribal employees, subject to the resolutions, ordinances and instructions of the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council. No tribal employee or tribal member shall be subjected to unfair and political repercussions and/or retaliation by the President or any of his/her representatives in any matter. Such action will be documented and referred to the Ethics Commission of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Tribal Council. The President shall vote only in case of a tie. (Amendment X effective September 20, 2007 – vote 585 for; 150 against; 71 ballots spoiled or mutilated)

Section 2. The Vice-President shall assist the President when called upon to do so, and, in the absence of the President, he shall preside. When so presiding, he shall have all the rights, privileges, duties, as well as the responsibilities, of the President. The Vice-President shall not have a vote except in case of a tie when acting as President under Section 1 of this Article. (Amendment XIII effective May 2, 1966)

Section 3. The Council Secretary shall keep a full report of all proceedings of each regular and special meetings of the Tribal Council and shall perform such other duties of like nature as the Council shall from time to time by resolution provide, and shall transmit copies of the minutes of each meeting to the Council, to the Superintendent of the Reservation, and to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall be custodian of all moneys which come under the jurisdiction or in the control of the Sicangu Council. He shall pay out money in accordance with the orders and resolutions of the Sicangu Council. He shall keep account of all receipts and disbursements and shall report the same to the Sicangu Council at each regular meeting. He shall provide such bond to be satisfactory to the Sicangu Council. The books of the Treasurer shall be subject to audit or inspection at the discretion of the Sicangu Council. The Treasurer shall cause the financial statements of the Sicangu Nation to be published in a manner that is available to all members within thirty (30) days after a Sicangu Council has reviewed and approved them. (Amendment Y effective September 20, 2007 – vote 582 for; 210 against; 14 ballots spoiled or mutilated)

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